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About Us

Welcome to our online store!
We are very new at this and learning as we go! 

But one thing we are sure about is there is no denying our kids need to be active, especially as digital natives! As parents of 2 daughters we are passionate about getting our kids outdoors and exercising, just like most of you! For us, it’s bike riding, making up dance routines in the backyard, hiking and even just walking our dog Ziggy.... (how cute is he!?)

So, the concept for designing quality active kids wear was hatched from 3 main ideas:

1. Many adults wear excellent quality, comfortable, stylish active and leisure wear. What’s available in that same quality for our kids, especially as we try and promote active lifestyles?

2. My kids should be comfortable to run, cartwheel and hang upside down at school in bike pants and tights which are durable, fit well and wash well. And call me old fashioned, but the booty shorts many of the primary school kids are rocking are just..... no!

3. Your kid wants to look like you! So we’ve really tried to embrace that without making them look too grown up and mature. 

So here we are after almost a year since the birth of the Pocket Rocket concept. Designed in South Australia, made in China. We’ve opted to use Better Packaging Co as their compostable products are made from corn starch (because we are acknowledging the impact of waste on our planet).

 We both work A LOT so managing this side hustle will test us...  but we are excited to share our product with you after many prototypes and hear what you think! Please tag us @pocket_rocket_co in your social posts. We are beyond excited to see you and your kids rocking our designs like a boss!

💗 Thanks for the love 💗